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The Gehu    Research group in classical homeopathy                   

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• Our goal is to make available to homeopathic practitioners and students information concerning clinical research undertaken by GEHU (Groupe d’Etudes d’Homéopathie Uniciste – study group in Classical Homeopathy), and promote a free circulation of ideas in the homeopathic community.

• This Website also provides access to :
- Bibliographies
- Specific research from individual authors
- Publications of general interest
- Discussions concerning homeopathic principles or philosophy.

Last, but not least, we wish to connect with other research groups in France or abroad.

• GEHU is a research group : neither a school, nor a forum, nor a league for the defense of Homeopathy. It is an open workshop for anyone dedicated to in-depth research in classical homeopathy.

• How can you join us ?:
Requirements: Sponsoring by one member, with a commitment to participate actively to the work of the group.

• General Organization :
GEHU meetings are held three to four times each year as three-day seminars, generally outside of Paris.

• Staff members for 2009-2010:

President : Ph. Servais
Vice-President : J. M. Krug
General Secretary : A.Fanciola
Treasurer : Ph. Geoffroy St Hilaire

• Website management:

- Dr. Jean-Marie Krug: jmkrug@wanadoo.fr

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